Targeted Engineering, Assertive Solutions

The Reed Engineering Group was founded in 1988 on a basic tenet: provide a comprehensive approach for commercial, large industrial, and municipal clients. With drilling, testing, and analysis preformed in-house, results are innovative and cost-effective. The success of each project begins with:


Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have a thorough understanding of building construction and historical performance data.


Our services are performed in-house, which allows for quality control and innovation, and creates a learning environment for the employees.


Our library houses thousands of North Texas projects from the early 60’s to the present, giving us a unique perspective of geologic conditions and past performance.

Understanding soil suction is critical to evaluation of the strength and performance of unsaturated soil. Without suction measurements, the geotechnical engineer is making an educated guess of soil performance. With over 500,000 measurements taken since 1988, the Reed Engineering Group understands unsaturated soil performance.